How TenDC Cut Campaign Management Time by 80% with The Optimizer

July 3, 2023

Sara Bregasi

Sara Bregasi

Content Writer

“Within one month of using The Optimizer, I have been able to automate about 90% of my campaign management tasks. I haven’t checked my campaigns that much in the past 10 days, and everything has been going great.” 

Ara Davtian 

Co-founder & Lead Media Buyer of Ten Digital 

Vertical: Ecommerce 

Networks: Taboola, Outbrain, MGID, Google, Meta


In 2020, Ara co-founded Ten Digital, a fast-growing digital marketing and ecommerce agency, catering to various GEOs in 7 different languages. With more than 8 years of experience in media buying, Ara had already mastered Meta and Google ads, and was ready to scale his business further by launching his first native ad campaigns. 


While native ads are great for engagement rates and conversions, getting started with them comes with a few challenges, especially when you are transitioning from social media platforms. 

Social advertising platforms such as Meta and TikTok have advanced and fast-learning algorithms, while native algorithms still have a lot of catching up to do. This means that when you are getting started with native ads, you need to spend an immense amount of time (and money) testing things out and optimizing your campaigns as you go. You need to be very quick with cutting publishers and placements that are losing money, and managing bids and budgets accordingly. 

Ara needed a solution that would allow him to leverage the power of native ads, while still having enough time to focus on the other aspects of his business. 


He found out about our campaign automation tool, The Optimizer, and booked a demo call with our team. 

His main goal was to save time while limiting any possible budget waste on underperforming ads and publishers. 

The Optimizer has the ability to completely automate the process of blocking or pausing sections, sites, campaigns, or ads based on custom conditions that can be easily set up on the platform. 

After showing a few examples of different rules that would fit his needs, Ara decided to give the platform a try. 


Before starting to actively use The Optimizer, we asked Ara to come up with a set of campaign management tasks that were consuming his valuable time on a daily basis, and that he would like to delegate to our tool. 

During a practical on-boarding session, our team helped Ara replicate his manual tasks on our platform, and let them run on autopilot instead. 

He ended up automating over 90% of his campaign optimization tasks, including blocking unprofitable publishers, changing site bids, pausing underperforming ads & sections, and increasing or decreasing campaign budgets based on performance. 


After using The Optimizer for one month, Ara reported that he was able to cut off 80% of campaign management time, while his CPA dropped by around 20%

Case study The Optimizer Campaign Management

“Apart from that, our overall spend also went down. I noticed that we are now not wasting any money and we are generally more efficient with our budget. I will definitely be recommending The Optimizer to my ecommerce friends.” 

How Ten Digital Cut Campaign Management Time with The Optimizer


Spending endless hours behind your computer and obsessively monitoring & optimizing your campaigns is clearly not the way to grow your business. Automation tools such as The Optimizer allow you to delegate routine and time-consuming tasks, so you can shift your focus towards big-picture activities that will actually set you apart from the competition. 

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