TheOptimizer is now integrated with Google Ads

Over 10 automation rules to help you save time and scale your Google Ads campaigns.

James Van Elswyk

Founder of Geek Out Events

‘If you are running at scale The Optimizer is just so much more effective’

Joe Burton

ROI Marketplace Agency Owner

‘The Optimizer runs 24/7 as often as I want Which at this point in time you need to be successful’

People that Love

TheOptimizer really helped us get our buys to the next level. The ability to be able to still have control while letting the automated rules run our buys, has been what set TheOptimizer apart from all other API’s we tested.

Joe Burton

CEO at ROI Marketplace

TheOptimizer really does automate and optimize 90% of my campaign management. All I need to do is check the stats once a day and let optimizer do the rest.

Thomas Clalfin

STM Moderator And Native Ads Instructor 6WAMC

TheOptimizer is a great tool that has helped me a lot in optimizing and scaling my native advertising campaigns. It is like having a team of media buyers being on top of my campaigns 24/7 blacklisting widgets, and optimizing my campaigns every minute.

George Charalampakis

NativeAds Media Buyer

I absolutely love The Optimizer. It enables me to manage campaigns on multiple traffic sources with just one tool. The automation features are a huge time and money saver. Support is very responsive and helpful which is crucial when you're running high volume campaigns. Highly Recommended.

Domen Campa

Click Sale Media

TheOptimizer has helped us creating campaigns at least 10x faster than the usual process. We’ve been able to put our campaigns on autopilot thanks to their rules and it saved us a so much time and money. The customer support is absolutely insane, they even answer within 5 min on a weekend. You may think it’s expensive at first, but don’t worry you will earn it back x100.

Max & Gab

Native Ad Buyers

It's great that we're using your service during this beta testing period. We would spend hours in Native Ads campaign optimization; now it takes minutes, that's a huge saving. Not to mention that your support is excellent also. Thanks for that.


Founder of DBMediaGroups