This article will guide you through the step-by-step process on how to connect your account to TheOptimizer Native as well as a detailed description of all the available automation options that the integration offers.

At the end we will throw in some information about what works on Content.Ad, some tips and best practices, as well as a few ready to use rule examples.

Why integrate Content.Ad with TheOptimizer?

“This partnership is an exclamation point for two companies coming together to provide a vertically integrated value proposition for advertisers running 100s of campaigns on our platform. We are excited to be working with the Optimizer and delivering added value to our customers” (read more)
Allan Legator, CEO of Content.Ad.

Connecting your Content.Ad account with TheOptimizer enables you to use TheOptimizer’s automation power, which takes care of almost 90% of all manual campaign optimization tasks that you or your team deals with on a daily basis.

This means hundreds of hours spent in manual optimization tasks saved every month, time which you can now use in a more productive way to test new products, new ads, new landing pages, and scale your business.

This also means thousands of dollars saved or added to your final monthly net profit. TheOptimizer’s automatic rules run 24/7, making the right decisions to get 100% out of your campaigns at any time of the day or night, which a human media buyer, with all the good will, can not do.

But this is not all, with TheOptimizer you also get access to custom performance insights, advanced reports, detailed logs of all the changes made to your campaigns, as well as multi channel alerts (email, slack, telegram) to notify you every time a rule is executed or a change has been made.

What Do Our Users Say About Us?

TheOptimizer really helped us get our buys to the next level. The ability to be able to still have control while letting the automated rules run our buys, has been what set TheOptimizer apart from all other API’s we tested.

Joe Burton

CEO at ROI Marketplace

TheOptimizer really does automate and optimize 90% of my campaign management. All I need to do is check the stats once a day and let optimizer do the rest.

Thomas Clalfin

STM Moderator And Native Ads Instructor 6WAMC

TheOptimizer is a great tool that has helped me a lot in optimizing and scaling my native advertising campaigns. It is like having a team of media buyers being on top of my campaigns 24/7 blacklisting widgets, and optimizing my campaigns every minute.

George Charalampakis

NativeAds Media Buyer

I absolutely love The Optimizer. It enables me to manage campaigns on multiple traffic sources with just one tool. The automation features are a huge time and money saver. Support is very responsive and helpful which is crucial when you're running high volume campaigns. Highly Recommended.

Domen Campa

Click Sale Media

TheOptimizer has helped us creating campaigns at least 10x faster than the usual process. We’ve been able to put our campaigns on autopilot thanks to their rules and it saved us a so much time and money. The customer support is absolutely insane, they even answer within 5 min on a weekend. You may think it’s expensive at first, but don’t worry you will earn it back x100.

Max & Gab

Native Ad Buyers

What Features Are Available With this Integration?

Connecting Content.Ad with TheOptimizer

Add A New Integration

Fill in the required information for the integration as as described below and click Save

1. Traffic Source Type

Select Content.Ad from the list of available traffic sources

2. Nickname

Give this integration a name so that you can recognize it in case you will connect more than 1 account.

3. Timezone

Select the timezone your traffic source account is setup with. The default timezone for Content.Ad is America/Los_Angeles, but if your account is setup with a different timezone select the right timezone from the list.


Please note that selecting a different timezone during the integration process does not changes the actual timezone of your traffic source account, so you need to use the same timezone that your account works with.

4. Currency

Select the currency of your account.

5. API Key

Enter the API Key of your Content.Ad account (see Where Can I Find Content.Ad API Info section for more details)

6. API Password

Enter the API Pasword of your Content.Ad account (see Where Can I Find Content.Ad API Info section for more details)

7. Username

The username you use to login to your Content.Ad account.

8. Password

The password you use to login to your Content.Ad account.

Where can I find API information?

To access your API information you simply need to login to your CAD Account then go to General Info under Account Settings on the left-side of your screen.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view your account's API information under Developer Info.

Important Note!

Please note that your API password is not visible through the interface. Click the orange reset button in order to get your API password via e-mail.

Supported Campaign Formats

  • Native

Supported Rule Types

When creating a new rule, you can type “contentad” in the search box to list all rules available for Content.Ad

Campaign level rules

  • Pause Campaign
  • Automatically pause a campaign if certain performance conditions and/or time conditions are met

  • Activate Campaign
  • Automatically pause a campaign if certain performance conditions and/or time conditions are met

  • Change Campaign Budget
  • Automatically pause a campaign if certain performance conditions and/or time conditions are met

  • Change Campaign Bid (CAD only)
  • Automatically pause a campaign if certain performance conditions and/or time conditions are met

Content Level Rules

  • Pause Contents
  • Automatically pause creatives if certain performance conditions and/or time conditions are met

  • Activate Contents
  • Automatically activate creatives iif certain performance conditions and/or time conditions are met

Domain Level Rules

  • Block Widgets/Publishers
  • Automatically pause a domain ids if certain performance conditions and/or time conditions are met

  • Un-Block Widgets/Publishers
  • Automatically activate a domain id if certain performance conditions and/or time conditions are met

  • Change Widget Bid (CAD only)
  • Automatically increase or decrease domain level bids (for desktop, tablet or mobile) if certain performance conditions and/or time conditions are met

Other Rules

  • Dayparting
  • Schedule when you want your campaigns to run or stop by selecting specific hours, days and the action you want to perform during the selected time.

Known Limits

Currently there are no known limits with the API

Using a Click Tracker with Content.Ad

If you use a click tracker (like Voluum, Funnel Flux, Binom… see full list of supported trackers) to track the performance of your campaigns, you can connect it to TheOptimizer along with Content.Ad and have both traffic source and tracker data available for optimisation.

This can be done using the In the second step, after you have connected your traffic source account (or selected an existing traffic source) you can proceed to the next step and connect a tracking platform.


Make sure you are using all necessary tracking tokens for Content.Ad: [cid],[did],[adid] The tracking tokens need to be present in your Content.Ad configuration on the tracker, and in your campaign links or appended in the Tracking Code section of your Content.Ad campaigns.

For example if you are using Voluum , the Content.Ad configuration will look like this:

The campaign url in your tracker will look like this:[did]&cid=[cid]&adid=[adid]


When creating a new campaign in Content.Ad, you can remove the tracking params from your url and add it directly in the Tracking Code section of your Conten.Ad campaign as shown below.

This is convenient when you need to update your tracking params (add a new tracking param or change the name), because you do not need to update all your ads and send them for approval again. Instead you simply update the campaign settings.

The remaining part of the URL (in this case can be used to create the ads.

Using Google analytics with Content.Ad

If you are doing search arbitrage in Content.Ad (generating revenues with Adsense and then making it available in Google Analytics) or have some other specific setup where you need to have Google Analytics data in TheOptimizer to use it in the optimization rules, you can connect your Google Analytics account in TheOptimizer.

Google Analytics is considered a tracking platform (same as a click tracker) so it can be connected to a traffic source (Content.Ad in this case) using the

In the second step of the Account Wizard, among other supported tracking platforms, you can select Google Analytics. By clicking Save you will be sent through the Google authentication process.

In the next step, once the authorisation process was completed successfully, the new account will be available to select. Select the GA Account you just created, and click Next.

The next thing to do is choose which GA View you are going to connect, and configure the utm parameters.


In order for TheOptimizer to be able to know to which campaign or domain or content the GA statistics belong, it is necessary to post IDs ( [cid], [did], [adid] ) to Google Analytics, not names (campaign name, or content headline, etc).

Campaign ID must be posted using utm_campaign parameter (this can not be changed), while for the other parameters you can use one of the remaining utm tokens (utm_source, utm_content, etc).

Make sure to select the right utm param for each Content.Ad token. This needs to be the same utm param that you have used in your links. For example if in your links you are using: utm_campaign=[cid]&utm_source=[did]&utm_content=[adid] then the selection will be as shown below:

What Works in Content.Ad

Historically, the Health & Nutra verticals have always been a success in If you use any “spy tools” you will probably see that these verticals are still top performers. But, what you will not see, is that many of our advertisers are testing new verticals with great success. These spy tools are unable to track much of this spend as our network has so much push traffic that these tools fail to monitor properly.

So how should you get started? Click on the 2 articles below for more information:

What works in How to pick an offer, set up creatives, and style your funnel ?

How many creatives should I test ?

Content.Ad Best Practices

Check out these articles by Content.Ad on campaign setup and campaign optimization techniques that have shown good results when used in combination with TheOptimizer.

Starting A New Campaign In

Optimization Techniques

Ready to use rule examples

Check out this article by Content.Ad on some optimization tips that have shown good results using TheOptimizer rules.

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