5 Useful RevContent Details You Should Know About

March 9, 2023



TheOptimizer Team

RevContent is one of the largest native advertising platforms in the market. Known for its inventory of premium publishers and its wide reach in the US as well as other GEOs. Like any other platform, it has tips and tricks that performance marketers can master. In this article, we’ll go over 5 details that can enable you to make the most out of RevContent.

Targeting Tips in RevContent

A proven targeting tip is to target based on device type. So one campaign that targets just mobile audiences (tablet might be included as well), and one that targets just desktop audiences.

Target one country per campaign (e.g. the United States or France), or a group of countries that share the same language (e.g. Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

Shape your content with a certain persona in mind and target accordingly. Know to which audiences your ads are being served (e.g young adult gamers).

Define your KPIs. If your goal is to just gain more traffic, or increase conversions, make that the focus of your targeting.

Connect to a tracker for a better read on your performance. (Our recommendation would be ClickFlare.)


Image by RevContent

Split Test Your Campaigns

Anywhere, but especially in RevContent, split testing your creatives is highly encouraged. Test all the elements that make up your offer, your image, headline, CTA and the entire landing page on itself, to find out which is the better option. Take each one at a time, so compare Headline A with Headline B, and then move to compare images and so on.

If you got an ad that isn’t performing as it should, but you sense some potential in any of its parts, say it has a great image for example, before scraping it, you can try and play with its other components. By making a few simple tweaks here and there, you can potentially turn a low-performing ad, into a highly successful one. Keep testing and refining until you’ve got a killer combo!

Headline and Image Best Practices in RevContent

Talking about shaping your ads to better their performance, here are a few tips to follow:

Headline Best Practices

Use questions that leave room for mystery (e.g. Did You Know That This Product…?).

FOMO (Fear of missing out) is a great driver for more engagement, make sure to put it in your headlines (e.g. Do Not Miss Out On This Offer…).

Good old humor has proven to do the trick time and time again, so a joke or an element that can provoke a laugh can be quite enticing.

Top X-numbered lists have always sparked the interest of users. The promise of specialized information in an easy-to-digest form is quite irresistible (e.g. Top 7 Movie You Should Watch…).

Lastly, news always sells, so if you’re promoting something recent and new, you’re sure to get some eyeballs’ attention (e.g. Latest Discovery Promises…).

Image Best Practices

Make sure that your image and your headline jell together. Say you’re promoting a Top 5 kind of content, make sure to showcase one of the 5 points in the image; enticing the viewer to click and learn more about the other 4.

Think of your images as a door that leads your audience to a revelation, to a discovery. Put yourself in their seat, would the image make you want to click it to know more?

On a more technical side of things. RevContent recommends that your images be 1000 X 750 pixels (a ratio of 4:3).

Make sure to fill the entire space of the creative and choose a high-quality image, so no blurry or pixelated parts.

For a full list of Headline and Image requirements in RevContent, click here.


Image by RevContent

Making Sure Your Ads Are Approved

Like any other native ads platform, RevContent has its own rules when it comes to what you can promote or not, or elements that shouldn’t be in your ads. Make sure to avoid the points listed below:

The image on your ad or its headline doesn’t match with the landing page’s content.

The ad includes inappropriate content (promotion of adult/ pornographic content, of unapproved pharmaceuticals, illegal drugs, etc.)

Headline includes inappropriate language (offensive language), uses incorrect grammar, or promotes a misleading message.

Any type of virus or malware is found on your landing page.

Your linked product page in your lander, doesn’t load or work at all.

For a full list of elements to avoid and getting all your ads approved in RevContent, go here.

Fine-Tuning RevContent with TheOptimizer

To get the most out of RevContent, connect it with TheOptimizer and run all your campaigns on autopilot. With TheOptimizer you will be able to scale your RevContent campaigns profitably and save a lot of your time thanks to the platform’s automations based on preset conditions. If you are not familiar with TheOptimizer yet, it is the #1 automation tool for native platforms. It will allow you to replace your media buying manual (and boring) tasks such as blocking widgets, changing budgets, pausing ads, etc, with condition based rules. If you want to learn more about how TheOptimizer can help with your RevContent campaigns click here.

For details on other native traffic sources, you can check our excellent articles on Taboola and Outbrain.

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