When and How to Duplicate Ads for Enhanced Performance

September 1, 2023

Sara Bregasi

Sara Bregasi

Content Writer

There are many different ways to scale your Facebook and TikTok campaigns, and one that top marketers are loving right now is the duplication method. 

In this article, we will discuss when and how to duplicate an ad, ad set/ad group, and campaign on Facebook & TikTok to boost performance and scale profitably.

When to Duplicate Ads, Ad Sets/Ad Groups, and Campaigns on Facebook & TikTok

Use Cases

Duplicating ads, ad sets/ad groups, and campaigns can be a great way to horizontally scale your budget and extend performance. Facebook and TikTok both have guidelines against increasing budgets by more than 20% at a time, so if you want to scale your top-performing assets faster, duplicating is a good alternative.

Duplicate Ads Scaling budgets

Image by Insense

On the other hand, seasoned advertisers use the duplication method when an ad (or ad set/ad group) is not delivering. Sometimes assets that have good creatives, setup and targeting, simply don’t get many impressions. Although it’s not clear why this happens, re-launching the same asset at prime time can be the solution. If you are confident in your creative and targeting, but the ad or ad set/ad group is just not working out, you could use duplication to give the asset another chance. 

How to ensure success

If done right, this strategy can add a real performance-boosting kick! To make it work, you need to take into consideration the following things. First, you need to know your numbers and have a clear definition of what counts as a successful or unsuccessful ad, ad set/ad group & campaign. For this you should identify important metrics for your business (such as ROAS, CPA, conversions) and continuously monitor them against your benchmarks. 

Second, you need to ensure that your duplicates go live at prime times. For example, if your campaigns perform better in the morning, you need to launch new duplicated campaigns during that time frame.

duplicate ads-best-time-to-post-facebook

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If you are not sure when to post for best results, you can review your account stats to see when your audience is most active, or do some research on the best posting times online. 

duplicate ads-best-time-to-post-tiktok

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Finally, if your advertising budget is low, it doesn’t make much sense to create several duplicates. This method is more suited for advertisers who are testing different assets and allocating a larger budget to each campaign. It also helps if you are advertising to a large audience, because it significantly reduces the chance that your duplicates are being viewed by the same users. 

How to Duplicate Ads, Ad Sets/Ad Groups, and Campaigns on Facebook & TikTok

You can duplicate ads manually on Ads Manager, or automate the process using a campaign automation tool like The Optimizer. Let’s take a look at both cases. 

In order to duplicate manually on the platforms, you simply need to hover over the campaign you wish to duplicate, and click on “Duplicate”.

When and How to Duplicate Ads for Enhanced Performance (Facebook Campaign Duplication)

Next, you will see a screen where you need to select duplication options and the number of copies: 

When and How to Duplicate Ads for Enhanced Performance Duplicate Facebook Campaign

The process is the same for duplicating ad sets and ads. 

If you are launching a large number of ads, ad sets/ad groups, and campaigns, this method can become time consuming and tricky to manage. For each asset, you will need to monitor their KPIs daily, wait for them to hit the targets you set, and manually duplicate them at prime times. This is where automation comes into play.  

With TheOptimizer, you can fully automate your duplication strategy through rules and conditions.

how to automatically duplicate ads facebook : tiktok with The Optimizer

In this example, each ad set/ad group that has already spent more than $100, has a ROAS larger than 2.5, and has led to one or more purchases, will be automatically duplicated and set live each day at 6 AM (at your preferred timezone). 

The logic works exactly the same for both Facebook and TikTok, and for duplicating ads and campaigns. The metrics, numbers, and conditions you see above can be modified according to your own needs. Each time The Optimizer makes a change, you will be notified via email, Telegram or Slack. 

This is a major time saver and ensures that your duplication strategy is done right. Now you don’t have to check your stats all the time, and you don’t have to wake up at 6 AM to set anything live. The system will take care of everything for you. 

If you want to learn more about how to automatically duplicate ads, ad sets/ad groups, and campaigns with The Optimizer, click here. The duplication feature is only one of the things you cannot currently automate on Facebook or TikTok. Read more about the other features we offer for Facebook automation and TikTok automation via these links.

When and How to Duplicate Ads for Enhanced Performance: Conclusion

Whether you duplicate assets manually or using a campaign automation tool like The Optimizer, this is a powerful strategy you need to explore in order to scale your Facebook and TikTok campaigns profitably.  

The two main use cases for this feature are to horizontally scale your budgets for extended performance and to give an extra opportunity to an asset that is not delivering. 

In order to ensure that you are leveraging this strategy’s full potential, you need to identify important metrics for your business, constantly monitor them, and ensure the duplication only happens at prime times. The Optimizer can help with all these challenges.

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