The Optimizer vs ClickFlare: What’s the Difference?

August 18, 2023

Sara Bregasi

Sara Bregasi

Content Writer

Working with our clients, we often get the question, Why would someone need both The Optimizer and ClickFlare?”. While the two marketing tools share a few similarities, they also differ greatly in functionality and features. 

In this article, we will dive deeper into The Optimizer vs ClickFlare comparison, discuss their differences, and how you can use them in combination for better results. 

The Optimizer vs ClickFlare: The Similarities

Starting with the obvious, both The Optimizer and ClickFlare are tools that help marketers improve their performance. They are both part of the same parent company, and are created to address various pain points online marketers encounter. 

As a marketer in 2023, you probably know how important it is to advertise on various platforms at the same time. If you are advertising on Meta, TikTok, Google, or native platforms at once, it can become tricky to have an overview of the bigger picture and manage all your ad accounts effectively. This is why both The Optimizer and ClickFlare have a direct integration with all the major advertising platforms in the world (social, search and native), allowing you to manage all your accounts from a single dashboard.

The Optimizer vs ClickFlare Integrations

If you are in the search arbitrage industry, both The Optimizer and ClickFlare have a direct integration and can pull data automatically from the major search feed providers, such as System1, Tonic, Sedo, Domain Active, and 

This is as far as the similarities between the two platforms go. Now, let’s take a look at the differences.

The Optimizer vs ClickFlare: The Differences

Although both The Optimizer and ClickFlare have the same integrations, they serve different purposes. The Optimizer is a campaign management & automation tool for advertisers, while ClickFlare is a tracker

As a tracker, ClickFlare allows you to automatically track click data, create complex funnels, test different offers, fix attribution issues through the conversion API integrations and postbacks , generate detailed reports, compare performance, and more.

The Optimizer vs ClickFlare Affiliate marketing tool ClickFlare


The Optimizer pulls data from your traffic source and tracker exclusively through API, and it allows you to manage your campaigns on auto-pilot via an advanced rule engine. You can create rules to automatically pause campaigns or ads when certain conditions are met, increase or decrease budgets by predetermined amounts at specific times of the day, clone top performing campaigns and more. 

The Optimizer vs ClickFlare Affiliate marketing tool The Optimizer


Both products can work as standalone – if you need a tracker but aren’t ready to dive into campaign automation yet, you can still use ClickFlare. 

Vice versa, you can use The Optimizer in combination with other trackers (we have an integration with all the other major trackers like Voluum, RedTrack, Google Analytics, AssertiveYield, Everflow etc). If you are doing search arbitrage, you can also directly integrate with the biggest search feed providers. Finally, you can use The Optimizer without a tracker as well. As far as you are passing accurate data back to the traffic sources, then that would be enough for TheOptimizer to automate your campaigns.  

Because these tools can work separately from one another, they also have separate pricing plans. The Optimizer starts at $199/month, and ClickFlare starts at $69/month

The Optimizer vs ClickFlare: Why You Need Both

Although The Optimizer and ClickFlare work great as standalone tools, they work even better when used simultaneously. 

As mentioned above, ClickFlare provides super granular data on click level, so you will be able to see in-depth data about your traffic. You can use ClickFlare’s advanced tracking capabilities to get access to fast, reliable and accurate data, and then feed this data to The Optimizer to automate campaign optimization tasks via precise rules. 

The Optimizer vs ClickFlare the differences

Because The Optimizer is a rule engine that works based on conditions (such as, if CPA is greater than 25, pause campaign), its success heavily relies on the data it receives from your cost and revenue side. If this data is accurate, the automation rules will have a much higher success rate. 

The Optimizer vs ClickFlare Automation Rules

The two platforms also have a strong integration with each other, which means you can connect your ClickFlare tracker account to The Optimizer and pull your data in a matter of seconds using our ready-made tracking template. That way, you can implement both tools right away without any hassle or complicated tech work on your side. 

We also offer extensive support to our users. Our team of experts works closely together to help you set everything up on the tracking side and explore what you can do with campaign automation through a free on-boarding session. This way, you won’t get lost between the two tools, and you will receive proper support on how to best use the two platforms in combination.

The Optimizer vs ClickFlare: Conclusion

In this article about The Optimizer vs ClickFlare, we discussed the main differences between the two tools and how they complement each other. 

ClickFlare is a tracking tool that allows you to gather quick and reliable data, while The Optimizer uses that data to automate campaign optimization tasks via our advanced rule engine. Using both tools together will allow you to save an immense amount of time and hassle, and scale your campaigns faster on platforms such as TikTok, Meta, Google, and native advertising platforms. 

If you want to explore these tools further, you can always book a free demo call with one of our ClickFlare experts here, and with The Optimizer team here

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