The Optimizer vs Revealbot Comparison

October 3, 2023

Sara Bregasi

Sara Bregasi

Content Writer

If you are reading this post, you probably already know how important it is to use a campaign automation tool in 2023. With so many choices out there, it’s crucial to understand what each tool offers, so you can choose the best option to help scale your business. 

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the comparison between The Optimizer and Revealbot, highlighting the key differences and similarities between these two campaign automation tools.

The Optimizer vs Revealbot: Traffic Source Integrations

While both The Optimizer and Revealbot have the same core functionality, there is a difference in the traffic sources they support. 

The Optimizer is primarily used by marketers who are active on social and native advertising platforms. In total, The Optimizer has a direct integration with 14 advertising platforms, while Revealbot has integrations with four

Below you can see the top six advertising platforms supported by The Optimizer. Apart from the native sources covered here, The Optimizer supports a variety of other premium platforms including MGID, MediaGo, and more.

The Optimizer vs Revealbot Comparison Traffic source integration

On the other hand, Revealbot only supports the social media platforms highlighted below. 

The Optimizer vs Revealbot Comparison traffic source comparison

If you are advertising only on social media platforms, both tools can help you and we recommend reading further to compare their other features. However, if you are running native ads or planning on testing them out in the near future, The Optimizer is a better fit for you. 

The Optimizer vs Revealbot: Trackers & Search Feed Integrations

Online marketers often use third-party trackers for higher data accuracy. If you are using a tracker, you will most likely want to connect it to your campaign automation tool. That way, you will be able to use the data from both your advertising platform and tracker when setting up your automation rules. 

The Optimizer has a direct integration with 13 trackers, while Revealbot has integrations with four. Both platforms can pull data from Google Analytics, but The Optimizer supports a larger number of trackers, including top affiliate trackers such as ClickFlare, Voluum, RedTrack, AssertiveYield and more

If you are running search arbitrage campaigns without using a tracker, The Optimizer also has an integration with five of the top search feeds. This means that the platform will pull the revenue data directly from the search feed via API. 

The Optimizer vs Revealbot Search Feed Integrations

In case your tracker of choice is not supported by the two platforms, don’t worry! Both The Optimizer and Revealbot allow users to upload their data using CSV or Google Sheets reports. 

The Optimizer and Revealbot are constantly working on new integrations, so before making a decision, always make sure to check whether your ad platforms, trackers, or search feeds are supported by these platforms. In general, The Optimizer integrates with 20 more platforms than Revealbot, giving you a wider range of options.

The Optimizer vs Revealbot: Campaign Management 

Since both The Optimizer and Revealbot are primarily campaign management tools, let’s zoom in on this feature for a bit. 

The Optimizer makes campaign management easier than ever with a comprehensive dashboard that displays key performance metrics, such as cost & revenue from all your campaigns and connected ad or tracker accounts.

The Optimizer vs Revealbot Comparison Dashboard

This is extremely important for agencies or performance marketers who advertise on different platforms, using multiple ad accounts, and launching a large number of campaigns. Instead of logging into each of your accounts separately, you can now manage all your campaigns from a single dashboard. This is something that Revealbot does not offer at the moment. 

The Optimizer takes it a step further by allowing you to view detailed performance metrics from both your traffic sources (e.g., Facebook and TikTok) and your tracker in a single report.

The Optimizer vs Revealbot Campaign management

For example, in the aggregated report above you can see the traffic source (in this case Facebook) clicks, and tracker conversions side-by-side. You can also make manual changes to your campaigns directly from this dashboard. 

When it comes to campaign management, The Optimizer offers more advanced features and really focuses on saving you time by aggregating data from all your accounts in a single place.

The Optimizer vs Revealbot: Automation

The automation functionality is pretty similar for both platforms. They both have an intuitive rule builder that allows you to automate campaign optimization tasks using conditions.

For example, if you want to set a rule that will automatically pause your Facebook ads with high CPC, here is how it would look like on The Optimizer:

The Optimizer vs Revealbot rule engine the optimizer campaign automation

Similarly, this is how the same rule would look like on Revealbot: 

The Optimizer vs Revealbot rule engine Revealbot

Both platforms allow you to schedule rules at constant intervals (e.g., every 30 minutes), or at specific times of the day (e.g., each day at 6 AM account timezone). They also both allow you to use custom metrics in your rules, select campaigns you want the rule to apply to, and have the option to be notified each time the rule is executed. 

Both The Optimizer and Revealbot also offer rule templates you can use as inspiration, but we recommend being careful with these templates. What works for one business may not work for the other, so always evaluate these templates against your own metrics, goals and priorities.

The Optimizer vs Revealbot: Reporting

Both platforms have a “Reporting” feature, so that you can generate reports about your campaigns automatically. 

This feature is pretty straightforward and user-friendly on both platforms, but similarly to what we mentioned above, The Optimizer has the benefit of combining the data from your traffic sources and third party tracker accounts in a single report

The Optimizer vs Revealbot: Conclusion

Choosing the right campaign automation tool for your business can play a crucial role in how fast you are able to scale profitably. 

While both The Optimizer and Revealbot have an excellent automation engine, The Optimizer supports more traffic sources, trackers and search feeds, as well as a more advanced campaign management dashboard that will make your life easier as an advertiser.

If you want to learn more about The Optimizer, read how it compares to TikTok’s and Facebook’s in-platform automation.

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