Can’t miss! 90 Days Free Automation for Google Ads

January 10, 2023



TheOptimizer Team

Hi there,


Hope you are doing well and wish you a 2023 of great success with your ad campaigns.

If you still do not know about TheOptimizer, we are the #1 automation tool for native networks (Taboola, Outbrain, RevContent, Mgid, etc).

We recently decided to expand and integrated with the biggest social networks (Facebook and Tik Tok) And most recently with Google Ads.

To launch our integration we decided to give 100 people 90 days for FREE to try our amazing automation tool on your Google Ads campaigns. Completely FREE and no Credit Card required. To keep improving we would love your feedback but we are pretty sure you will love it!


What’s in it for you?

TheOptimizer will help you save time and scale your Google Ads campaigns thanks to the multiple automation rules that we offer.

Basically you can set up rules based on your own KPIs and let TheOptimizer do the media buying work giving you time to focus on more profitable things.


Do you run Leadgen, E-com or other type of campaigns?

Perfect! TheOptimizer works for virtually any vertical. Even better, if you use a tracker such as Voluum, Red Track or ClickFlare (our very own Tracker) we are also integrated with them.

TheOptimizer will automatically blend the data from Google Ads and the tracker, allowing you to choose any of the metrics to run your automated rules (Traffic Source Revenue vs. Tracker Revenue)


I would love to tell you more but I want to keep it short. If you have any questions do not hesitate replying to this email.

Or if you just want to give it a try yourself, go ahead and sign up for the 90 Day FREE Trial right here.