How to Automatically Duplicate TikTok Campaigns in 2 Easy Ways

February 2, 2024

Sara Bregasi

Sara Bregasi

Content Writer

If you’re currently trying to scale your TikTok campaigns, you’re probably already familiar with the process of duplicating. It’s a quick and effective strategy, but it’s also time-consuming.  

We have a way to automatically duplicate TikTok campaigns and set a custom budget, and it’s very simple to follow. In this article, we will show you how to successfully do this with examples.

When to Duplicate TikTok Campaigns

When scaling profitable TikTok campaigns, you generally have two options – scale vertically by increasing campaign budgets, or scale horizontally by duplicating top campaigns.  

Increasing campaign budgets is often a solid strategy, but it comes with limitations. TikTok does not recommend increasing budgets by more than 20% at a time, making it difficult to scale effectively. 

There is also no certainty that increasing the budget will boost your returns – sometimes it can lead to ad oversaturation, increased competition, and higher CPCs (cost per click). This is why advertisers often prefer duplicating top campaigns instead.

Why Set a Custom Budget for Duplicated TikTok Campaigns?

Until now, duplicating campaigns on TikTok only allowed you to make changes after the new campaign was live. With TheOptimizer, you can now manually or automatically duplicate TikTok campaigns with your desired new budgets. 

If you are aiming to scale faster, you can create duplicate campaigns with a budget higher than 20% of the original, without hindering the success of your initial campaign. You can also test different budget allocations and review their impact on performance.  

There are two ways you can do this with TheOptimizer.

How to Duplicate TikTok Campaigns Manually with TheOptimizer

Under Campaign view, you can see performance metrics on all your TikTok campaigns. Select the campaign you wish to duplicate and click on the Clone icon: 

Duplicate TikTok Campaigns manually with TheOptimizer (1)

Here, you will need to specify how many copies of the campaign to set live, and select the new budget. You can choose a fixed value or increase/decrease the existing budget by a certain percentage, like in the example below: 

Duplicate TikTok Campaigns manually with TheOptimizer and set a new budget

How to Duplicate TikTok Campaigns Automatically with TheOptimizer

To save more time and speed up the scaling process, you can also leverage TheOptimizer’s cloning automation rule

Let’s say we want to clone campaigns that have already spent over $100 in the past 3 days, and resulted in an ROI greater than 20%. You can select these conditions under Rules.

Duplicate TikTok Campaigns automatically with TheOptimizer rules (1). This is a TikTok rule example

To increase the chance of success for the newly cloned campaigns, you can also pre-determine a moment when they should go live. Generally, you can do this at the start of the day to ensure the budget is spread out evenly throughout the day. You can change the timezone to match your TikTok account timezone. 

Duplicate TikTok Campaigns automatically with TheOptimizer / rule examples (2)

Finally, you can specify the new budget and budget caps. Apply this rule to any selected campaigns, schedule it to run as often as needed, and get notified whenever an action is triggered. 

Duplicate TikTok Campaigns automatically with TheOptimizer using automation rules. Set a new budget for the duplicated campaign.

Duplicating TikTok Campaigns with New Budgets: Conclusion

Duplicating profitable TikTok campaigns is an effective way to scale faster while avoiding the risks and limitations of budget increases. 

TheOptimizer offers a unique feature that allows you to clone TikTok campaigns with custom budgets, either manually or automatically through rules. 

If you are also looking for an efficient way to duplicate TikTok and Facebook ads, here is our guide on how to manage this with TheOptimizer.

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