Supercharge Native Ads: The Optimizer x MediaGo Integration

October 10, 2023

Sara Bregasi

Sara Bregasi

Content Writer

We have great news for native advertisers looking to make their lives easier: our new TheOptimizer x MediaGo integration is live! 

If you are not advertising on MediaGo, stick around to find out why you might want to consider having a presence on the platform. 

In this article, we will introduce MediaGo, explain the features & benefits of the integration with examples, and showcase how the integration works in practice.

MediaGo Integration: Discover The Platform

MediaGo integration introducton to the native advertising platform

MediaGo is an AI-integrated native advertising platform, with a strong focus on maximizing return on investment for marketers. 

With a reach spanning 29 countries, including Europe and North America, and partnered with 10,000+ premium media outlets like MSN and Google, MediaGo provides a large selection of top-quality ad placements. 

They are among the few native advertising platforms that leverage the power of deep learning. Thus, MediaGo is able to provide essential features like fraud protection, predicting traffic quality & click-through rates, and generating dynamic ads

For advertisers, MediaGo offers advanced targeting options based on ad format, apps, countries, and more. 

If you want to explore the platform further, you can sign up here

MediaGo Integration: Features & Benefits

So, what can you actually do with The Optimizer’s MediaGo integration? 

For starters, if you have multiple MediaGo accounts, you can connect and manage all of them from The Optimizer’s user-friendly dashboard. If you are using third-party trackers, such as ClickFlare, Voluum, or RedTrack, or you are a search arbitrager working with one of the main search feeds, such as Tonic or Sedo, you can connect all your accounts, fully centralizing your campaign management. For a list of all the integrations we support, click here

Since The Optimizer has a direct API integration with all these platforms, we will automatically pull the updated data. Now, you will be able to see in a single report all your MediaGo and tracker/search feed data side-by-side. Say goodbye to logging into dozens of accounts each day, switching between tabs, and endless CSV reports!

MediaGo Integration Features & Benefits / campaign management

In the example above, the TR EPC and TR CPA are being pulled directly from the tracker, while TS Clicks are being pulled from MediaGo. The metrics you see reported here are customizable, so you can remove anything that is not useful, add different metrics, and even calculate custom metrics of your own using a formula. All these metrics can be used to set up campaign automation in the next step. 

Now, you are ready to supercharge your native ads with our campaign automation functionality! 

For example, you can now automatically pause or block bad publishers, campaigns, and ads, using rules. Here is how a rule for blocking bad publishers would look like:

MediaGo integration campaign automation with The Optimizer

You have full freedom over which metrics to use, how often to let the rule run, and which campaigns to include for each rule. 

Similarly, you can also set rules to automatically increase or decrease bids & budgets based on performance, and apply dayparting to your campaigns.

MediaGo Integration: How Does it Work?

The new MediaGo integration means that we will be able to automatically pull the data from the native ad platform, and the entire setup on your side will only take a few minutes

MediaGo Integration: How Does it Work?

In order to connect your MediaGo accounts, you simply need to select a nickname, account timezone & currency, and input the API token, which you can find directly on MediaGo. 

Next, you can choose to connect your tracker or search feed accounts the same way. If you are planning on testing out the integration and need more technical help on how to do it, read our detailed guide on how the MediaGo integration works here

For more tips on how to boost your native ad campaigns, we have a dedicated article on it here

MediaGo Integration: Conclusion

If you have been manually running ads on MediaGo and looking for an easier way to do things, The Optimizer x MediaGo integration can help you out by centralizing all your ad & tracker accounts and providing detailed reporting

You can also automate your routine campaign optimization tasks, such as pausing underperforming sites, campaigns & ads, adjusting bids & budgets based on performance, starting or stopping campaigns at pre-specified times and more. 

New to MediaGo? You can sign up for the premium native ad platform via this link.

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