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Campaign Management

Optimize costs and scale profitable campaigns by building automation fail-proof rules that run on auto-pilot.

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How Adskeeper Automation

Can Help You

Stop wasting time managing your Adskeeper campaigns manually.
Discover how with the power of our automations.

<h3 class="title-xs__semiBold">Manage all your <br/> Accounts in one Place</h3>

Manage all your
Accounts in one Place

Connect hundreds of Adskeeper accounts and manage all your campaigns from a single dashboard.

<h3 class="title-xs__semiBold">Scale<br/> Profitably</h3>


Automatically increase campaign budgets, site coefficients, or ad bids when ROI threshold is met.

<h3 class="title-xs__semiBold">Save <br/> Time & Money</h3>

Time & Money

Pause ads, sites, or campaigns that are losing you money. Decrease coefficients, bids, or budgets to prevent ad spend waste.

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Why TheOptimizer's

Automation Is Better

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Apply Advanced Rules

Increase or decrease site coefficients, ad bids or campaign budgets based on performance. Automatically pause underperforming sites, ads, or campaigns.

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Flexible Rule Execution

Set your rules to run every 10 minutes, 1 hour, or adjust the specific time of the day according to your needs.

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Smart List

Create dynamic global blacklists that automatically block traffic from non-converting sites. Select which campaigns should read from these lists.

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Get Notified

Get notified via email, Slack or Telegram each time your rule conditions have been met.

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Optimize on Data that Matters

Connect your tracker, search feed provider, or upload data via CSV. Benefit from 100+ reported metrics (including ROI, EPC, landing page CTR) and build smarter automation rules.

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Multi-Channel Automation

Are you advertising on other native platforms (e.g., MGID, Taboola, Outbrain, RevContent), or on social platforms like TikTok, Meta, or Google? You can now automate all your advertising efforts in one place.

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Launch campaigns directly from TheOptimizer

Launch new campaigns without leaving TheOptimizer. Re-use your stored creatives on our platform and create campaigns faster than ever.

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Find winning creatives with our Creative Library

See how your ads are performing, select winning images and headlines, and help your team create more top-converting variations.

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Upcoming Features!

<h3 class="title-xs__extraBold">CSV Campaign Uploader</h3>

CSV Campaign Uploader

Launch hundreds of campaigns in seconds by just uploading a simple CSV file

<h3 class="title-xs__extraBold">Rule Sequence</h3>

Rule Sequence

Build complex rule sequences that guide actions step by step, ensuring each task follows the right order.

Varunraj Keskar
"TheOptimizer scaled my business monthly revenue from $10k to over $200k. It's like having an employee who never gets tired and works 24/7”
Varunraj Keskar

Varunraj Keskar

Performance Marketer

Thomas Claflin
"TheOptimizer automates and optimizes 90% of my campaign management, leaving me to check stats once a day."
Thomas Claflin

Thomas Claflin

STM Forum Moderator

Max & Gab
"TheOptimizer speeds up campaign creation by 10x.With automated rules, our campaigns run on autopilot, saving us time and money."
Max & Gab

Max & Gab

Native Ad Buyers

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