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TheOptimizer DashboardTheOptimizer Dashboard


"TheOptimizer automates and optimizes 90% of my campaign management, leaving me to check stats once a day."

Thomas Claflin

Thomas Claflin

STM Forum Moderator


"TheOptimizer scaled my business monthly revenue from $10k to over $200k. It's like having an employee who never gets tired and works 24/7”

Varunraj Keskar

Varunraj Keskar

Performance Marketeer


"TheOptimizer speeds up campaign creation by 10x.With automated rules, our campaigns run on autopilot, saving us time and money."

Max & Gab

Max & Gab

Native Ad Buyers

Manage multiple accounts

All in one platform

Seamlessly integrate with your favorite traffic sources.Analyze all the metrics that matter on one centralized dashboard. Focus on what moves the needle instead of jumping from one tab to another.

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Generate Beautiful


  • Analyze and compare your campaigns metrics in a few clicks.
  • Uncover trends by running reports across multiple ad accounts
  • Simplify reporting and share it easily with your colleagues or clients.
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World Class


  • Save time and money by automating your campaigns.
  • It’s like having a media buying team that never sleeps, for a fraction of the price.

SCALE Profitably


  • Double down on winning campaigns using automatic rules.

  • Increase bids based on EPC so you can always stay profitable.

  • Automatically clone profitable creatives via rules to make scaling easier.

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Prevent Ad Spend Waste


  • Stop spending money on bad campaigns, even when you are asleep.

  • Use automatic stop-loss rules to pause unprofitable placements and creatives.

  • Create blacklists that prevent bad placements from eating your budget again and again.

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Create Hundreds of campaigns with one click


  • Stop wasting time by manually creating the same campaign across multiple traffic sources.

  • Upload 100s of variations easily with a few clicks.

  • Create and manage everything from one place without logging manually into each traffic source.

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Your Centralized

Creative Hub

  • Get a bird's-eye view of your creatives across multiple accounts.
  • All your ads, along with their key metrics, are neatly organized under one roof. No more shared Dropbox folders!
  • Discover creative trends in real time by using our intuitive reports.
Optimizer tableOptimizer table
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Our Integrations

  • We integrate with your favorite traffic sources, so you don’t have to login to each of them separately.
  • Generate cross-channel reports to uncover patterns in what makes your campaigns work.
  • Create and manage your campaigns without leaving our platform.
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One Dashboard

I absolutely love The Optimizer. It enables me to manage campaigns on multiple traffic sources with just one tool. The automation features are a huge time and money saver. Support is very responsive and helpful which is crucial when you're running high-volume campaigns. Highly Recommended!

Domen Campa

ClickSale Media

You Need This!

TheOptimizer is a great tool that has helped me a lot in optimizing and scaling my native advertising campaigns. It is like having a team of media buyers being on top of my campaigns 24/7 blacklisting widgets, and optimizing my campaigns every minute. If you do native advertising you need this!

George Charalampakis

CodeFunnels - Agency

More Effective

Running native advertising campaigns ally doesn’t even compare, like it’s just so much more effective. And the second thing is if you’re not using a platform like this, it’s a super labor havy!

James Van Elswyk

Symphony Agency

Next Level

TheOptimizer really helped us get our buys to the next level. The ability to be able to still have control while letting the automated rules run our buys, has been what set TheOptimizer apart from all other API’s we tested.

Joe Burton

ROI Marketplace - Agency