Automate Campaigns with TheOptimizer: Black Friday Deals Revealed

November 20, 2023

Sara Bregasi

Sara Bregasi

Content Writer

If you’re an online marketer looking for ways to level up your campaigns, we have some exciting news for you. TheOptimizer’s Black Friday deals have just been revealed, and they’re too good to miss out on! 

In this article, we’ll explain how TheOptimizer works, reveal our exclusive Black Friday deals, and guide you through the options to help you make the best decision.

How Does TheOptimizer Work?

TheOptimizer is a campaign automation software that allows you to manage your ads on auto-pilot.

black friday deals theoptimizer introduction to the platform

You can connect and manage an unlimited number of ad accounts from Meta, TikTok, Google, and major native platforms, like Taboola & Outbrain, in only a few steps.

You can also connect third-party trackers, such as ClickFlare, Voluum, or RedTrack, search feeds (e.g., Tonic, Sedo, System1,, DomainActive), or Google Analytics. To check whether we have a connection with your ad network or tracker, click here

Apart from being able to streamline all your advertising efforts in a single platform, TheOptimizer allows you to run automation rules 24/7. These rules are designed to safeguard your ad budget by pausing underperforming campaigns, ads, or placements, and to scale efficiently through budget & bid increases. You can also clone top-performing campaigns, ads, and ad groups / ad sets. 

TheOptimizer is perfect for you if you are advertising on various platforms, you manage multiple ad accounts at the same time, and you are trying to scale faster without having to spend all your time behind a computer, optimizing your campaigns. 

Read further to see how you can test out the tool at a fraction of the regular price.

TheOptimizer’s Existing User Promotion

For our existing users, we have a huge deal that can save you up to $2,517. For all yearly plans, you can now get a 30% discount.

Here is an overview of the different subscription plans, with an indication of how much you can save with our Black Friday deals:

theoptimizer black friday deals for existing users 30% discount

If you are currently in the Starter plan and considering upgrading, this is the perfect moment to do so. You can also upgrade from a Pro plan to a Master one to benefit from the higher ad spend limit, the multi-users feature, and Global Rules (i.e., where you apply rules to entire ad accounts instead of campaigns). 

To claim the offer, head over to this page, and click on the “Get Discount” button. You will then need to log in with your credentials and choose your preferred plan. 

This offer is only available until November 27th, 2023.

TheOptimizer’s New User Discount

If you are not currently an active user, you can still test out TheOptimizer for an entire month at only $1. This is a one-time deal that expires on the 27th of November, so head over to this link and start scaling your campaigns today. 

TheOptimizer black friday deal for new users

If you are still on the fence about TheOptimizer, you can book a demo call. One of our experts will walk you through the key features & pricing plans, and you will have the opportunity to ask specific questions. 

Case Studies with TheOptimizer

Don’t take our word for it – read how TheOptimizer helped ecommerce agency TenDC cut campaign management time by 80%; allowed solo affiliate Harnur Virk make $195,000 revenue per month on TikTok without spending all his time in front of his computer; and how it helped achieve 37%+ returns on native platforms

TheOptimizer’s Black Friday Deals Summary

With online advertising becoming increasingly competitive over the past year, campaign automation is the way to stay ahead of the game. 

TheOptimizer is one of the most trusted campaign automation tools in the market, allowing you to manage your Meta, Google, TikTok, or native campaigns on auto-pilot. 

For existing users, we are offering a 30% discount on all yearly plans. With this deal, you can save up to $2,517. 

New users have a one-off chance to try out TheOptimizer for only $1 for the first month.

Ready to level up your ad campaigns?
If you want to explore the power of automation for only $1, claim your discount now!