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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q: What kind of campaigns can I use TheOptimizer for?
A: There is no limit on the type of campaigns you can manage. TheOptimizer can be used for eCommerce, Lead Generation, Nutra, Search Arbitrage, Content Arbitrage, etc.

Q: Can I use TheOptimizer as a click tracker?
A: No, TheOptimizer can not be used as a click tracker. But, it can integrate with your tracking platform, and pull revenue and conversions for each campaign.

Q: Which traffic sources are currently supported?
A: We are currently integrated with: Facebook, TikTok, Google Ads, RevContent, Outbrain, Taboola, MGID, MediaGo, Yahoo DSP, Adskeeper.

Q: Which tracking platforms are currently supported?
A: Almost all major tracking platforms used in the performance marketing industry like ClickFlare, Voluum, Google Analytics, Assertive Yield, RedTrack, FunnelFlux, Binom, Everflow, Bemob, CPVLab, AdsBridge.

Q: Which search feed providers do you currently support?
A: We have a direct integration with Tonic, System1, Sedo, Domain Active, Ads.com, Media.net.

Q: What if I use a tracking platform which is not supported? Can I still import the revenue into TheOptimizer?
A: Yes! You can upload your revenues and conversions from 3d party systems using our CSV upload or our Google Sheets integration.

Q: How many ad accounts can I connect?
A: There is no limit on the number of ad accounts that you can connect and manage from TheOptimizer.

Q: How accurately are spend and revenue displayed in TheOptimizer?
A: TheOptimizer pulls the spend directly from your traffic source and the revenue directly from your tracking platform, meaning that spend and revenue will 100% match your traffic source and tracker.

Q: I don’t use a tracking platform, will I still be able to automate my campaigns’ using TheOptimizer?
A: Sure! You can still use TheOptimizer to manage your campaigns, using only traffic source data.

Q: I have connected my traffic source and tracker but my campaigns aren’t yet visible in TheOptimizer
A: When you first connect your traffic source and trackers, depending on the total number of campaigns on your account it may take up to 20 minutes for the system to pull the information.

Q: Can I create campaigns directly from TheOptimizer?
A: Yes, you can create and launch campaigns in bulk directly from TheOptimizer to your traffic source.

Q: Can I manage my creatives from TheOptimizer?
A: Yes, TheOptimizer will make all your creatives from different channels available in one place, the Creative Library. You can filter creatives by performance, group them for organization purposes, and re-use them in your new campaigns.

Updated on February 10, 2024
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