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How to Set New Budgets When Cloning Meta Campaigns

Scale your top-performing Meta campaigns with precision and ease! TheOptimizer’s “Clone Campaign” rule lets you duplicate your winning ads while automatically adjusting budgets – saving you time and maximizing ROI.

How Do Meta Campaign Cloning Rules with Budget Control Work?

Think of having a set of successful Meta campaigns that you want to scale further. Using campaign cloning rules you can automate this process by not simply cloning successful campaigns. Instead, you can set new budgets on the campaign or ad set level of the newly cloned campaigns giving you more control over your spend while minimizing risk when scaling.

How to Set Up Meta Campaign Cloning Rules

The below steps will guide you on how to set up your Meta campaign cloning rules.

  1. Log in to your TheOptimizer account
  2. Go to Rules and create a new Clone Campaign rule
  3. Add a name to your rule and specify the Data interval settings.
  4. Specify your rule conditions based on which the rule will execute the campaign clone action
  5. Specify how many clones of the original campaign you want to create
  6. Specify the budget settings by turning on the toggle on Adjust campaign budget before cloning if you’re going to adjust the budget on the campaign level.
  7. Choose between Set Campaign Budget to, Increase Budget By, or Decrease Budget By
  8. Set minimum and maximum budget limits for increase and decrease budget settings if you’re changing the budget on a fixed dollar value or a percentage of the current budget.
  9. Specify the execution schedule, then click Save

If you are adjusting the budget on the Ad Set Level you can choose between the following options:

  • Set Ad Set Budget To
  • Increase Ad Set Budget By
  • Decrease Ad Set Budget By
  • Spread Budget Equally Between all Ad Sets.
Updated on May 13, 2024
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