Smart Notifications

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Smart Notifications are optimization tipsthat will be periodically generated by our algorithms by looking at your current data and your current optimization setup. This way you are constantly notified about possible optimization angles that you might have missed or overlooked for your campaigns.

Possible examples are:

  • Bidding Tips: based on the performance, our algorithms might suggest a given bid change (increase or decrease) that will maximize the profit for that campaign.
  • Budget Tips: if a given campaign is performing well but it is reaching its current daily budget or our algorithm thinks that a higher budget might help to improve the performance, you will get a suggestion about a new budget.
  • Rule Suggestions: if you have forgotten to set rules for a given campaign or if our algorithm thinks that a given rule might help to improve the performance of a given campaign, you will get a notification with such rule suggestion.
  • Day Parting Suggestions: if by looking at your data our algorithm has noticed that a given campaign is performing well only in some parts of the day/ week we will suggest you a possible dayparting for that campaign, that you can use to get advantage of what the performance data shows.
  • More customized suggestions based on the specific case.

Smart Notifications will be sent using In-App Notifications, Email, Slack or Telegram.

Please make sure to go to Settings on the left menu and make sure to activate all the necessary options, as shown in the screenshot below:

Updated on April 28, 2023

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