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With automation at its core, TheOptimizer Native helps you drastically cut down the time spent on manual campaign management, prevent ad spend budget waste and accurately track the spend/ revenue performance of your campaigns on multiple traffic sources and trackers simultaneously from a single dashboard.

To make sure that our users do not underutilize our platform, below you can find the full list of our platform’s features and functionalities.

Accurate Statistics

Using API based communication and time zone coordinated data processing, our platform offers the ability to have accurate multi-level campaign statistics in a single dashboard.

Campaign Creation

Because managing and creating campaigns on several traffic sources and traffic source accounts at the same time is an overwhelming process, Campaign Creation in TheOptimizer Native allows you to quickly create your new campaigns right from our interface. By doing so, you have the ability to set up all your campaign targeting opinions, quickly create multiple campaign variations and assign auto-optimization, auto-bidding, dayparting rules and lists right from the moment you create your new campaign.

Bulk Content Uploader

Quickly preview and upload up to 25 new and existing creatives to your existing campaigns with a single click.

Auto-Optimization Rules

We can proudly say that TheOptimizer Native offers the most advanced auto-optimization rules in the native advertising automation industry.

Block/Activate Widgets

Automatically block budget draining widgets or unblock profitable ones when pre-set performance thresholds are met.

Pause/Activate Contents

Automatically pause non-performing contents or activate profitable ones when pre-set performance thresholds are met.

Pause/Activate Campaigns

Automatically pause non-profitable campaigns or activate profitable ones when pre-set performance thresholds are met. Preventing a single campaign from wasting all your budget.

Change Campaign Bids

The trickiest process of a campaign now simplified! Set specific performance conditions when you want your rules to increase or decrease bids, based on a percentage or absolute value, without making a single click.

Change Campaign Budgets

Finding the sweet spot of a campaign budget is sometimes difficult. However, by using automatic budget change rules, you’ll be able to scale a profitable campaign when needed and prevent an unprofitable one from overspending; based on performance conditions you set.

Change Widget Coefficient (MGID & AdsKeeper only)
Set your specific performance conditions when you want the rules to increase or decrease widget coefficients without having to make a single click.

Smart Lists

Build your lists based on rules you create, while automatically cross-feeding poor widget performance live among campaigns.

Inline Bid/Budget Manual Change

Time is money, so whenever you need to manually update your campaigns’ budgets or bids, you can do it quickly right from the campaigns’ list.

System Activity

Keep track of every automatic and manual action performed on your campaigns.

Manual Stats Update

Doubts apart on delayed conversions, tracker API time outs and data discrepancy. Using Manual Stats Update you can easily update and refresh your campaigns’ tracker side performance stats anytime.

Manual Connection

Not every funnel is the same and traffic flow sometimes isn’t straight from your campaign’s creative to your tracking link. In such cases when a campaign is not automatically detected by the system, you can quickly connect it manually.

Updated on August 25, 2023

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