Understanding Facebook metrics & reporting

Once you have completed the integration step, you will be able to see metrics on a campaign, ad set, and ad level for all your Facebook campaigns. This data may come from your traffic source side (i.e., Facebook) or from your external revenue stream (tracker, search feed). 

Facebook metrics on TheOptimizer

💡NOTE: This report is fully customizable – you can remove metrics that are not useful to you, add new ones, and even calculate your own custom metrics using a formula (more on this later). If you click on the small square above “TR Revenue” from the overview above, you will have the chance to select or deselect metrics.

Facebook metrics reported on TheOptimizer overview

Glossary of Facebook metrics

These metrics reported on TheOptimizer are being directly updated from your connected Facebook ad accounts:

  • Leads: amount of leads as reported by Facebook
  • Cost: amount of money you have spent on a certain campaign / ad set / ad
  • Reach: number of unique visitors who have seen your ad
  • TS Clicks: number of clicks on your ad (the TS stands for traffic source)
  • TS Conversions: number of conversions as reported by Facebook
  • TS CPA: cost per action calculated as [Cost from Facebook] / [Facebook Conversions]
  • TS Revenue: tracked revenue as reported by Facebook
  • TS ROI: return on investment, calculated as ( [Facebook Profit] / [Cost] ) x 100
  • TS EPC: earning per click based on the reported number of ad clicks and revenue from Facebook, [Facebook Rev] / [Facebook Clicks]
  • Ad Impressions: the number of times your ad has been seen
  • CTR: click-through rate is the % of people who saw your ad and clicked on it, calculated as [Clicks/Impressions x 100]
  • Link Clicks: number of clicks on the link you attached to your ad
  • ROAS: return on ad spend, reported by Facebook
  • Average CPC: cost per click on your ads
  • Daily budget: daily budget allocated on the campaign or ad set level as reported by Facebook
  • Lifetime budget: total budget allocated on the campaign or ad set level as reported by Facebook

We also report additional metrics from Facebook, such as likes, comments, post engagement etc. 

If you have connected an external revenue stream, we will also update this data under the same report. The metrics we update from your external revenue streams will highly depend on the source, but some of the key metrics are:

  • TR Conversions: actual conversions as reported by your third-party tracker
  • TR Revenue: actual revenue coming from your tracker
  • TR CPA: cost per action coming from your tracker, calculated as [Cost from Facebook] / [Tracker Conversions]
  • TR Clicks: campaign clicks as reported on your tracker
  • TR CVR: conversion rate, calculated as ( [Tracker Conversions] / [Tracker Clicks] ) x 100
  • TR NET: shows the calculated net profit based on the cost reported by the traffic source and the revenue reported by the tracking platform
  • TR ROI: shows the calculated return on investment based on the ad spend reported by Facebook and revenue reported by the tracking platform, calculated as ( [TR Net] / [Cost] ) x 100
  • TR EPC: earning per click, calculated as [Tracker Revenue] / [Tracker Clicks]
  • Publisher Clicks: these are clicks reported by your search feed provider (e.g., Tonic or Sedo) if you have directly connected your Facebook account to the feed provider
  • Publisher Revenue: similarly, revenue as reported by your search feed provider

If you connect Google Analytics, you can also track website data such as Page Views, Purchases, Trials Started, Total Users and more. 

Next step: Create custom metrics

If you need metrics that are not readily available, click here to find out how to create custom metrics for Facebook.

Updated on November 20, 2023
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