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Assertive Yield Metrics Mapping Details

Here you may find a detailed overview of the Assertive Yield metrics reported in TheOptimizer Native.

Written by Losid Berberi. Updated over a week ago

Due to the increased amount of integrations on TheOptimizer Native, it may come in handy to have a detailed overview of the list of metric for each integration.

This article aims to help you easily navigate TheOptimizer interface as well as organize your data tables, and custom-calculated metrics to your convenience.

Below you may find a full list of the metrics that are available on Assertive Yield as well as on TheOptimizer.

Before moving to the full list of metrics it is important to note that some of the metrics that you may see on Assertive Yield and on TheOptimizer are calculated metrics.


Revenue with DA Forecast = prebid_won_revenue + dynamicAllocation_revenue_with_forecast + direct_revenue

When planning to use some of these calculated metrics to create a Custom Metric, you may need to re-enter the formula as in the example of the Revenue with DA Forecast.

TheOptimizer metricAssertive Yield metricFormula
AY Ads per PageviewAds per PageViewimpressions / pageViews
AY Ads Per SessionAds per Sessionimpressions / sessions
Click-Leave RateClick-Leave Rate( clicks – clicksReturned )/ clicks
AY ClicksClicksclicks
AY CTRCTR %clicks / impressions *100
D ImpressionsD Impressionsdirect_impressions
D PageView RPMD PageView RPMdirect_revenue / pageViews * 1e3
D PageView Value-RPMD PageView Value-RPMdirect_pageView_rpm * viewability
D RevenueD Revenuedirect_revenue
D RPMD RPMdirect_revenue / direct_impressions * 1e3
D Session RPMD Session RPMdirect_revenue / sessions * 1e3
D Session Value-RPMD Session Value-RPMdirect_session_rpm * viewability
D Value-RPMD Value-RPMdirect_rpm * viewability
D Win RateD Win Ratedirect_impressions / impressions
DA ImpressionsDA ImpressionsdynamicAllocation_impressions
DA PageView RPMDA PageView RPMdynamicAllocation_revenue / pageViews * 1e3
DA PageView Value-RPMDA PageView Value-RPMdynamicAllocation_pageView_rpm * viewability
DA Predicted ImpressionsDA Predicted ImpressionsdynamicAllocation_predicted_impressions
DA Predicted Revenue (Client)DA Predicted Revenue (Client)dynamicAllocation_predicted_revenue / 1e3
DA Predicted Revenue (Server)DA Predicted Revenue (Server)dynamicAllocation_predicted_revenue_server / 1e3
DA RevenueDA RevenuedynamicAllocation_revenue
DA Revenue with ForecastDA Revenue with ForecastdynamicAllocation_revenue_with_forecast
DA Revenue with Forecast (Client)DA Revenue with Forecast (Client)dynamicAllocation_revenue_with_forecast_client
DA RPMDA RPMdynamicAllocation_revenue / dynamicAllocation_impressions * 1e3
DA Session RPMDA Session RPMdynamicAllocation_revenue / sessions * 1e3
DA Session RPM with ForecastDA Session RPM with ForecastdynamicAllocation_revenue_with_forecast / sessions * 1e3
DA Session Value-RPMDA Session Value-RPMdynamicAllocation_session_rpm * viewability
DA Value-RPMDA Value-RPMdynamicAllocation_rpm * viewability
DA Win RateDA Win RatedynamicAllocation_impressions / impressions
AY ImpressionsImpressionsimpressions
AY Line Item RevenueLine Item RevenuelineItem_revenue
AY Miss-Click RateMiss-Click RateclicksBounced / clicks
AY New SessionsNew Sessionssession_starts
P ImpressionsP Impressionsprebid_won_impressions + dynamicAllocation_impressions
P PageView RPMP PageView RPMprogrammatic_revenue / pageViews * 1e3
P PageView Value-RPMP PageView Value-RPMprogrammatic_pageView_rpm * viewability
P RevenueP Revenueprebid_won_revenue + dynamicAllocation_revenue
P Revenue with DA ForecastP Revenue with DA Forecastprebid_won_revenue + dynamicAllocation_revenue_with_forecast
P RPMP RPMprogrammatic_revenue / programmatic_impressions * 1e3
P Session RPMP Session RPMprogrammatic_revenue / sessions * 1e3
P Session RPM with ForecastP Session RPM with Forecastprogrammatic_revenue_with_forecast / sessions * 1e3
P Session Value-RPMP Session Value-RPMprogrammatic_session_rpm * viewability
P Value-RPMP Value-RPMprogrammatic_rpm * viewability
P Win RateP Win Rateprogrammatic_impressions / impressions
PageView RPMPageView RPMrevenue / pageViews * 1e3
PageView Value-RPMPageView Value-RPMpageView_rpm * viewability
AY Page ViewsPageViewspageViews
PageViews per SessionPageViews per SessionpageViews / sessions
PB PageView RPMPB PageView RPMprebid_revenue / pageViews * 1e3
PB PageView Value-RPMPB PageView Value-RPMprebid_pageView_rpm * viewability
Revenue with DA ForecastRevenue with DA Forecastprebid_won_revenue + dynamicAllocation_revenue_with_forecast + direct_revenue
Updated on April 28, 2023

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